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Inaugural/Annual General Meeting which was held on Sunday 6th June.


The day started well with the Pharaoh Hound Club's AGM being held in the morning and then the PHC Championship Show started prompt at 1:00pm. With an entry of 52 Pharaoh Hounds it was going to be a full days work for the Judge but the sun was shining. The show progressed well until the sky darkened and down came the rain so all change and into the hall the show came. An hour later it stopped so back out side the show went, only to be hurried dripping wet back in to the hall.

With the show ring taking 70% of the hall space and spectators, exhibitors and dogs filling the remaining area the addition of Cirneco people during late afternoon filled the corridors and the rain kept coming down.

The show finished at 5:00pm.


I managed to get set up in advance in the back room so that as soon as the last dogs had been placed by the judge the Cirneco activities could commence.


At the start a discussion about if this should be or could be called an AGM or an Inaugural meeting. With this being the first gathering of the club and also that the club has been in existence for 12 months with members having paid membership, that the meeting should be called Inaugural/Annual General Meeting which fulfils both to mark the beginning and the presentation of clubs accounts with election of committee as with an existing club.


So the afternoon commenced with a presentation about the breed, a little of Sicily's history and possibly how the breed came to be. Some insight into 'why have a club' and it's potential in going forward, then finishing with a summary comparison between the Breed standard for the Cirneco dell'Etna and the Pharaoh Hound, highlighting the points which differ between the two breeds.


The Inaugural/Annual General Meeting came next. This is the first gathering of people who form the beginning of the Cirneco dell'Etna Club in the UK. With a membership of 50 almost 50% had turned out for the meeting. I felt it became an interactive event with questions and discussion on all of the items on the agenda.

The result was that we have now have an agreed set of rules which will be distributed once the changes have been made and accepted by the new committee. The Club has a full committee as chosen by the members.

Chairperson - Jackie Brown, Secretary - David Morris, Treasure - Diane Clark and 3 members Toni Agnew, Jane Moore and Jen Bayliss make the 6 committee members. The meeting finished at 8:00pm with the caretaker for the hall waiting to lock up.


Contact details for the Officers of the committee can be found on the club web site.


I would like to extend my thanks to all that came to the meeting and participated during the Inaugural/Annual General Meeting .