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On Saturday 13th June we held a funday at Kelb Tal Fenek in Welshpool and mother nature came along and brought masses of sunshine with her.

We started off with fun runs in singles, then pairs, then in threes.

Eventually we let off all the Cirnechi to run together on a final chase before the BBQ.

It was wonderful to see so many Cirnechi running together and not a cross word amongst any of them. They all got on so well together some having never met before and others meeting siblings for the first time since the nest.

David also introduced small coloured jumps along the chase of which most Cirnechi soon got the hang of.


Barbara Brooker and her friend Gill were our photographers for the day (see You Tube) and we are very grateful to them for their valued contribution.

There was great entertainment from both Jen Bayliss and Sally Ann with gamboling across the grass and I took part in my own lure chase seeing that Yana couldn't be bothered,  nearly caught it too.

Many thanks to John Platt with Arthur took over the quad bike to re-set the lure and then John and Carole did the BBQ.

Sally Ann with Lulu and Millie bought some Sicillian wine which fitted the bill perfectly. Also many thanks to Jen and Burt with Benji and Sophie and Toni and Hazel for their contribution to the food. If I have missed anyone, I apologise.


Lamis and Girda arrived with Azzurra, Luna and Azzurra's puppies. They were so well behaved enjoying the atmosphere and sunshine and of course the attention. Many thanks to both for letting little Lexi come to live with us here at Anharbn.

Her brother Maximus is looking for a great home where he can be the ruler and be waited on hand and foot so if anyone is interested, please email

Photo's of the day will be up on the Cirneco club website soon

Thanks again to everyone that came along and made the day really special.