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Conditions & benefits
Many conditions benefit from treatment, but some of the most common are:

Orthopaedic conditions (inc. dysphasia) Non-weight bearing activity can help improve joint range of motion, strengthen muscles to support joints and relieve pain, stiffness and inflammation
Lameness Improved muscle patterning and recruitment, helping to improve gait patterns
Degenerative conditions (inc. DJD) Slowing the progression of symptoms and improving quality of life
Surgical recovery Allowing a quicker recovery to normal activities for your dog
Obesity Weight loss through low impact cardio exercise, reducing joint stress
Neurological conditions Sensory stimuli provided by physiotherapy and hydrotherapy can help the redevelopment of neurological pathways and limit loss of muscle tone and joint stiffness during inactivity.

In general, treatment can also help your pet with:

Increased muscle mass & strength
Decreased pain, pain perception and inflammation
Relaxation of muscle tension and/or muscle spasm
Reduction of swelling 
Weight Control