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The Import Register Hound & Gundog classes at Leeds were judged by Mrs P Hollings.

Best Import Register was Anharbn White Wedding with the reserve Best Bitch being awarded to Toni & Micheal Agnew and Danny Cullen's Anharbn White Rose for Mwenga.

Frank Kane did a wonderful commentry in the group ring and all thanks go to Mr Kane and Leeds Society for allowing the Import a little more publicity.

Just a reminder that Diane Clarke has a litter of puppies and you can contact her at:

Lucky Del Borgo Di Pratica Anharbn has sired a lovely litter of 7 at the Iosono kennel, 4 male and 3 female for Inka & Peppi. Congratulations.

Let me know if you have any news


Jill Morris


28th July 2011