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Pharaoh & Cirneco Hounds
Pharaoh & Cirneco Hounds

About Myself and the origin of my Kennel name.

In 1982 I bought my first Dobermann, called BEN and started to show him in local open shows. It was much later in his life that I decided to try my hand at Championship shows. A total of 4 in all. BEN was placed in all 4.
18 months after BEN arrived I purchased a bitch from the same kennels, Otherton. ANNA was not a great show specimen but she and BEN were lovely to live with. They had no aggression and were very social animals.
My third Dobermann came from Rockfollies in Wales. He was known as HARVEY.
This is when I took out my KC AFFIX of ANHARBN (An for Anna Har for Harvey and Bn for Ben). If I started with Ben it would have read something like Benanha and I didn't think fruit was the way to go.

I did voluntary work at the Dobermann rescue kennels when I could and took a bitch from there called HEATHER. She had been badly treated and was deformed possibly through human abuse. Heather only lived 3 years with us but I hope that we gave her everything that she could desire. She was so faithful to the family but would bite strangers without warning which was hardly surprising given her past history.

It was in 1990 that David and I got together.He also had two Dobermanns TESS and GEMMA and between us we purchased CODA our final symphony. Coda hated showing with a vengeance and so became a house dog along with the others.

It was during her short time in the showring that I saw my first Pharaoh Hounds.
Coda's farther was a Canadian import and had cropped ears. I remember when I saw him standing in the window with the light behind him, from that stunning outline I really wanted something with erect ears and what better than a Pharaoh?

In the 1970's/80's there were several kennels that were already established in Dobermanns that also had Pharaoh's as a second breed. Some breeders even made the full transition to Pharaoh's.

So in 1992 I purchased my first Pharaoh, Yasmin, who became the foundation of the ANHARBN kennel. Later came an Ibizan we called Sebastian.

We live in Wales and I run a very busy boarding kennels. Which was built from scratch.Converting an old Milking parlour and barn and took 18 months to convert and open to what is now a thriving success and carries the Kelb Tal Fenek name.
Once the Boarding Kennels opened and established it gave me the time for regular visits to Show in Europe where I saw my first Cirnechi and began the ANHARBN Cirnechi line with Yana & Muusa.
With the introduction of the Pet Passport scheme the Anharbn Kennel took the opportunity to be able to import some very influential Pharaoh’s and Cirneco’s to the UK.
To enable the Cirneco dell’Etna as a breed to become recognised by the public and Kennel Club. We started the UK Breed Cirneco dell’Etna Club, gathering together as many interested people, puppy owners and friends as possible to provide a membership that would set the foundation of a Club and help the Cirneco dell’Etna to be accepted by the Kennel Club on to its list of breeds here in the UK.
Having expanded my breed knowledge by visiting Show’s and friends in Europe. I looked further a field and made several visits to the USA. Being impressed with the quality of the hounds I agreed to Import two adult Pharaoh Hounds and campaign them in the UK. Both had a very successful show carrier and awarded placing's in the Group Ring and became UK Champions. They have been returned to their owners but have left the UK and the Anharbn Kennel with some off spring who are showing some promise for the future.

I have awarded UK. Challenge Certificates (CC’s) in Pharaoh Hounds and Ibizan Hounds and been approved for Sloughi’s on the A3 list.

It has been such a great pleasure to have been touched by so many wonderful dogs in our lives. I trust that we have been able to give to them all the world as they have given to us, they live in our harts and thoughts and through there legacy we can see them each day in the paw prints they have left behind, until we meet again please wait for us.
love Jill & David
This is our home in Wales.
Cirneco dell Etna
Cirneco dell Etna
Jill moving house