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What to Expect

Your initial session will last for approximately an hour. This allows your dog to become familiar with the pool area, settle in and get to know us. A detailed case history will be taken and your dog will be assessed to enable us to tailor an individual plan to suit your pet’s needs. We shall also require a referral from your vet. This is to ensure that your pet does not have any underlying conditions that may be an issue when swimming. All dogs will be required to have a fully up to date vaccination card which will be needed to be presented prior to each session.
Each dog is showered before entering the pool and then fitted with a buoyancy aid. At the first few sessions your dog may only swim for a few minutes as hydrotherapy is physically and mentally demanding. The life jacket is worn until dogs are confident and swimming well, after this a special harness will be worn.

Underwater jets will be introduced when your dog is adequately fit and requiring additional resistance in the water. Owners often become involved with sessions, encouraging and playing with their dogs whilst they swim, therefore getting splashed a lot is to be expected.
After each session your dog will be showered to remove any trace elements of the chemicals from the pool. (we use a bromine sanitising treatment in the pool water)
Full case notes are kept and for reference the patient’s body weight and general condition and progress are recorded. With a full Veteran referral these notes will be forwarded on to the vet.

Our aim is to ensure your pet’s experience is enjoyable and to allow a trusting bond to develop. This will enable your dog to benefit from the best exercise regime possible and see their treatment as a positive and fun experience.

Please do not feed your dog for at least four hours prior to swimming.