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Pharaoh & Cirneco Hounds
Pharaoh & Cirneco Hounds


What a fun and full day both the Thursday and the Saturday.

Thursday was a steady flow of admirers stopping at the Cirneco dell'Etna booth and all being educated in the origins of the breed and the differences between the Cirnechi and Pharaoh Hound (they are not miniature Pharaoh's).


With Thursday being Hound and Terrier day there was a great deal of interest in the hunting ability of the breed and it was nice to have a discussion on the Italian Hunting trials with Dominic Tricomi (with the translation by Jane) and how the training of the Cirneco dell'Enta starts as a puppy.


Saturday as soon as we arrived at 8:30am the crowds had started and continued all day until 6:00pm. More general public and children as you would expect at a weekend and again we kept the education going. There seamed to be, I feel, a genuine interest in the breed with many visitors having never seen or heard of the Cirneco dell'Etna before and some people coming back for a second look at the dogs and more questions.

I trust that Friday was as enjoyable to those who manned the booth as we found it and I know that Sunday will be a very long and busy day especially with the interest that will be heightened with the Pharaoh Hound winning Group 1 on Hound Day. Even more questions about the breed being related to the Pharaoh I expect.


Discover Dogs is such an important event for the Breed to enable people to come and see the dogs and talk to owners about them.

A big thank you to all who gave up there days to spend time at the Booth but a special thanks to the Dogs who took part.

The Kennel Club may not get all things right to all people but Discover Dogs has got to be a renounding success especially to a breed like ours.

So a thankyou also to the KC.