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Pharaoh Hounds at Anharbn.
Pharaoh & Cirneco Hounds
Pharaoh & Cirneco Hounds
She was mated to Norwegian import Al Mozel Born for Anharbn and produced (like her mother) a litter of 9.
Her daughter 'Jilly' became Norwegian/Swedish Ch.Anharbn Magic Al Mozel who herself has produced several Champions.
Melina was later mated to Multi Ch. Farao Anubis Ramses and produced the only UK litter from this bloodline. Unfortunately there were only 3 puppies in this litter.

UK Ch. Anharbn Akhenaten at Saqqara,

Multi Ch. Anharbn Ankahesamun and Willows brother Jack
Anharbn AmunRa (1CC)
Her daughter "Jilly" Nor & Swed CH.Anharbn Magic Al Mozel
Anharbn Pharaoh Hound

Her Grand daughter "Willow" Fr,Lux,Belg,Ned CH Anharbn Ankahesamun

Jilly was mated to XO Spectacular  Spectacular and produced Neo who is now in joint ownership with Sara Hughes

Her Grand son "Ti" CH Anharbn Akhenaten at Saqqara
Anharbn Pharaoh Hound
Many of Yasmin and Melina's offspring have won numerous CC's and Res CC's.
Pharaoh Hounds
CH. Anharbn Jazz
Melina was born 14th May 1997 and became a UK Champion following in her mothers footsteps.